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Small update for the Debian Developer Portfolio Service

I just updated the software at http://ddportfolio.debian.net/ it contains some new links (UbuntuDiff, piuparts, patch tracker, search on the Debian website and with search.debian.org). Thanks to Paul Wise for the ideas. If you want to have ddportfolio.debian.net in your language you may send me translated versions of the translation template in the git repository.

New hardware for my server at home

After some stability problems and an unresolvable PCI IRQ problem with my Debian server at home (Internet gateway, mail, PostgreSQL, LDAP and NFS server and test system), I decided to get a new mainboard and wireless card last week. I did some research to get hardware that is properly supported and where I can use the rest of my current components. I had

  • a AM2 socket AMD Athlon64 3500+ CPU
  • 2 1GB DDR2/667 DIMMs
  • a µATX chassis
  • an IDE Transcend 4GB SSD for my root partition
  • 2 750GB SATA hard disks (software RAID-1)
  • a Intel EtherExpress 100 Server PCI adapter (that I wanted to use to separate the internal and external networks but which did not work due to the above mentioned PCI trouble)

Binary Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday and Doro made this nice birthday cake with a fine binary display of my age for me. I also got a new big coffee cup.

Binary Birthday Cake

Our son Raphael insisted on Smarties on daddy's birthday cake and their colors go nicely with the cake and the coffee cup.

Debian Developer


On July 22nd my Debian account jandd has been created after 308 days in the NM process.

Thanks a lot to all who have contributed to this achievement and to who I had the privilege to work with.

Debian Developer Portfolio service

I had to stay at home this week due to illness. I developed a small web application for the Debian community to fill the time with something useful besides having some time with Doro and the children.

The Debian developer portfolio service is available to interested Debian developers and package maintainers and gives them the ability to generate personalized links for their activities regarding the Debian project as HTML or JSON output. The service has been inspired by Stefano Zacchiroli's DDPortfolio page in the Debian Wiki. Its source code is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.

Vlogsplitter helps keeping Apache file handle count low

Four months ago I developed a nice little Python script to have a replacement for split-logfile and rotatelogs that fits better to the external logrotate approach of my web server. The resulting vlogsplitter is available at http://www.dittberner.info/projects/servertools/wiki/vlogsplitter.

SQLAlchemy-migrate article in the Python Magazine

The october issue of the Python Magazine [1] released today contains my article "Versioning your database with sqlalchemy-migrate" as a feature. The article is written in tutorial style and describes the management of database schemas using sqlalchemy-migrate with examples.

[1] http://pymag.phparch.com/c/issue/view/83

btn4ws 0.7.0 released

I released version 0.7.0 of my GIMP plugin btn4ws (Buttons for websites). This release is a complete reimplementation. Python is now used as implementation language instead of Perl. The plugin has a new user interface and works with current GIMP versions (testet with GIMP 2.4.3). You may download the plugin at http://www.dittberner.info/projects/btn4ws/attachment/wiki/Downloads/btn.... The project page is available at http://www.dittberner.info/projects/btn4ws/.

DAVAdmin 0.2 released

a new version of DAVAdmin my WebDAV administration frontend has been released. It now has complete support for English and German and can easily be translated to other languages. See the full release notes at the release notes page and get your copy at the download page.

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